Trends Shaping Digital Promotions in 2021

Trends Shaping Digital Promotions in 2021

1. Marketers will Connect Digital Promotion Leads to CRM Platforms
Having proven the benefits or hosting digital promotions to drive leads, this year, marketers have started to look for ways to connect these channels directly into their CRM platforms. This enables marketers to automate the integration of the data collected during a promotion. In 2021, marketers will continue to connect their digital promotions platforms to acquire and integrate new leads through automated platforms to more easily, quickly and directly connect with their audience in relevant ways that drive results.

2. dataage solutions Will Drive Usage of Promotional Codes
More and more marketers are using online applications to reach their target audience with promotional codes they can redeem for a discount or gift such as a gift card or coupons. While promotional codes are being used within online stores prevalently, they are also being used in stores more and more because of their simplicity in distribution and redemption for consumers either online or in-store. Promotional codes also allow marketers to track the entire process (from the participant who registers and generates the lead, until it is exchanged for the prize), which contributes a lot of value to the marketing campaign.

3. Popularity of Online Sweepstakes Will Move to Facebook Live Offering an opportunity for participants to win something by simply liking or commenting on a Facebook post has shown to monumentally increase engagement and visibility for a company or brand. In 2020, companies have broadened its use to not only a post, but a photo or a video, and most recently, a Facebook Live broadcast, offering a gift to be given randomly to someone who has commented or liked to the live broadcast.In 2021, the immediacy of Facebook Live will be used to offer a live sweepstakes with the winner announced during the broadcast, and thus driving even more engagement and greater transparency in winner selection.

4. Social Streaming Will Drive Popularity of Facebook Live Polls
As more consumers and social media channels embrace online video, streaming tools such as Facebook Live will generate greater demand among brands to offer live surveys and polls. The strategy has been proven to drive a very high reach by those who’ve embraced it first, as it engages with an audience in real-time by soliciting audience input. With the creation of simple, reliable applications that facilitate live polling, this marketing strategy is sure to take off in 2021.

5. Video Contests Will Fuel User-Generated Social Content
The generation and distribution of videos by users is a growing trend, particularly due to the proliferation of smartphones equipped with cameras putting video capabilities in the hands of millions of users. In 2020, more and more brands embraced video promotions including online video contests which ask participants to upload a video for a chance to win a contest or sweepstakes. In 2021, brands will turn to video contests to create user-generated content even more, as it not only broadens awareness of a marketer’s product or service, but builds an audience of brand ambassadors which inspires greater confidence in a product of service among a broader audience. Video content has value in itself, since it is the most appealing content audience and marketers can re-purpose it to fill various social media channels.

6. Digital Promotions to Shape Brand Ambassadors
One of the greatest strengths of a digital promotion is its ability to enable a marketer to collect data and additional content about a consumer, follower or participant. It is becoming a very cost-effective, reliable and secure way to identify qualified leads for the brand or product, as well as offer relevant content that can drive engagement back to a company or brand. In 2021, innovative marketers will continue to use digital promotions like contests to get to know their customer better and shape them into brand ambassadors.



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